Why Customer will choose AeronPay Prepaid card?

    Budgeting and Control

    Those aiming for effective spending management will appreciate the budgeting (can set amount limit) and real-time transaction alerts provided by the AeronPay Prepaid card. Customers can set spending limits and monitor expenses effortlessly.

    Rewards and Incentives

    AeronPay sweetens the deal for cardholders with potential rewards or incentives, such as cashback on purchases, discounts at partner merchants, or redeemable loyalty points.


    The AeronPay Prepaid card empowers customers with versatile financial management options. They can easily load funds onto the card for various needs like online shopping, bill payments, or daily expenditures.

    No Credit Check

    Unlike credit cards, the AeronPay Prepaid card typically doesn't require a credit check, widening its accessibility to a broader consumer base, including students, immigrants, or those with less-than-perfect credit histories.

What are the benefits of an AeronPay Prepaid Card?

The AeronPay Card offers a plethora of benefits tailored to meet the diverse financial needs of our users.

Our card features advanced security measures, and secure online authentication, safeguarding your transactions against fraudulent activities.

Our card is accepted all over India, enabling you to shop, dine, and travel without worrying.

Gain better control over your finances by setting budgeting or we can say spending limits.

Our dedicated customer support team is available round-the-clock to address your queries (i.e. 24*7), to assist with card-related issues

Modern consumers value convenience, and the AeronPay Prepaid card delivers. Users can access their funds anytime, anywhere, eliminating the hassle of carrying cash or visiting a bank branch.

Prepaid Card

How to order the AeronPay Physical Prepaid Card

AeronPay Prepaid card offers users a convenient and flexible way to manage their money, with features designed to promote financial responsibility.