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India has a vast merchant network. AeronPay intends to increase our distributors' earning potential by helping them to expand their company and make the most of their retail network by utilising AeronPay services. All you have to do is reach out to your merchant network and assist them in becoming AeronPay merchants. As an AeronPay Distributor, you can also earn commission on your network's every transaction. AeronPay Distributorship enables our Channel Partners to recruit a number of merchants/agents who will sell AeronPay cashless services to their consumers such as domestic money transfers, BBPS, bill payments, recharge, and trip and stay booking.

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• All the uploaded documents should be original.
• If photo is Blur then documents will be rejected.
• Fake document will be rejected.
• Provided mobile number must be linked with your Aadhaar Card.

- Aadhaar Card
- PAN Card
- Self photo
- Shop photo
- GST Registration

For verification, we will take maximum 3-5 working days.

Note:- Process could be delayed due to public holidays.

Once your all documents are approved your account will be activated within 1 working days.

Services & Their Benefits

Banking Services

1.) Distributor can use the Money Transfer services easily through AeronPay Member platform. We provide Monthly Limit of Rs 2 Lakh for each member account.

Accept Payment

Distributor may accept the payment from the consumers through unique BHIM UPI or QR code. To order QR code, you can raise the request in app or mail us on


We provide multiple travel services Like Flight booking, Hotel booking, Bus booking, Cab booking, and Train tickets for the Distributors and Merchants with Good discounts and commission.

Make Merchant

Distributors can make Unlimited Merchants who will work under their downline and our system make it easy to manage their downline.


Shopping Services is third party linked services which is provided by the Amazon, Flipkart and Myntra. Distributor will also get some commission to shopping from this platform through AeronPay.

Downline Merchant Income

Distributors can make handsome amount of incomes from his downline merchant, by giving the good services and making the market trustc.