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What Make Us Unique

Accept Payments through BHIM UPI QR

Why AeronPay Is Most Loved App

You'll receive a message and an email immediately informing you of transactions. Customers will alert with information about the beneficiary account holder from the transaction, the transaction amount, and remaining balance as a alert to safeguard the account from takeovers and other cybercrime.

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When you are using aeronpay your financial information is kept private and your payment method is kept secret .You can conduct a safe and secure payment transaction by utilising Aeronpay. ISRG protocol is used to protect every transaction.

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Since AeronPay offers real cashback to its users, which is put into Aeronpay instantaneously after a transaction is performed, you can finally say goodbye to better luck next time and annoying coupon vouchers.

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Start cashless life in just one tap. Make Bharat Online.

Join the community of AeronPay, We facilitate our customers with Instant and Secure transactions. If it's about security, no worry...!

Boost Your Offline Business With AeronPay

AeronPay gives you an excellent opportunity to expand your business by allowing you to take payment with AeronPay QR.

    Payment acceptance has never been more intuitive. AeronPay is a unified financial platform that enables merchants to provide customers with a genuinely Omni channel and enjoyable buying experience.

    AeronPay retail payment solutions enable retail authorities to accept multiple forms of payment such as QR code, NFC, Kiosks, POS, and mobile app.

    AeronPay also offers invoicing capabilities, chargeback, and refund mechanisms with inbuilt reconciliation and settlement modules to help retail institutions work smoothly.

    Coupled with a loyalty management solution and payment insights, AeronPay also empowers the business to have the right connection with the customers.