Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can change your mobile number before doing the Maximum KYC. To change your Registered Mobile Number in your Aeronpay wallet please follow the steps mentioned below.
- Open the Aeronpay app
- Select the Profile button at the bottom.
- Select the "Edit Profile" button.
- Enter your new Mobile number(Enter the new number which you need to replace for RMN.)
- Click Update Profile.
- Enter OTP.
*Note: You cannot change your RMN after completing your Maximum KYC.

You can change your password by Clicking on the profile button in the Aeronpay app. There you get two options "Change Transaction PIN" and "Change Password". Select the needed option and Enter the Old Password/Old PIN of your Aeronpay Wallet..

- Visit Forgot Password.
- Enter your Registered Mobile Number on the account.
- Select Submit.
- You will get a message on your Registered Mobile Number
- You need to enter on the login page.
- Enter your Registered Mobile Number(RMN).
- After that, you get an option of Forgot Password.
- Enter your RMN, You will get a message on your RMN.

- You can view your transaction statement by following the mentioned steps below:
- Login to Aeronpay App.
- Select the "History" Button from Bottom
- Click on the "eWallet Summary" option.
- Scroll down for more transaction details.

Yes, you can use one account on two different devices by using OTP.

You can use the available amount in Aeronpay for all our services Find all the services mentioned below:
Mobile Recharges
DTH Recharges
Bill Payments
Fastag Recharges
Gift Card
Wallet to Bank Transfer
Insurance Premium
Loan EMI
Flight Booking
Hotel Booking
Bus Booking
Cab Booking
Gas Cylinder booking etc.

AeronPay Wallet is India's leading payment aggregator company with the largest digital services platform it provides a wide range of digital payment services including online recharge & bill payments, UPI, and Instant money transfer services in India, and many more. AeronPay is also a leading payment solutions provider to e-commerce merchants.

Aeronpay wallet could be blocked due to various reasons like some fraudulent activity in the wallet, or unauthorized transaction received from authorities or banks.

When your wallet is blocked, please share your officially valid government documents like Aadhaar Card, Pan Card, Selfie with Aadhaar Card, Driving License at
Aeronpay team will respond to you within 24 - 48 hours.

As per RBI Guidelines for wallets, you can transfer 5000 once in a transaction.

You can "Add Money" in the Aeronpay wallet easily and simply. Follow the steps mentioned below:
- Select the "Add Money" option at the top.
- Enter the amount which you wish to add in Aeronpay Wallet
. - Select the payment option (Debit card/Credit card/ Net banking/UPI) through which you want to transfer money to your wallet.
- Enter your bank or card details such as Card number, expiry date, and CVV to proceed with the transaction.
Complete the "Add Money" by Authenticating it.
                                  Min KYC          Max KYC
Per Day                   1,00,000           10,000
Per Month              1,00,000           10,000
Per Year                 12,00,000         12,0000

Wallet to bank transfer services is available for Maximum KYC Users only. Log in to your Aeronpay wallet account and follow the steps mentioned below:
- Tap on the "DMR/DMT2" option on the top of the home screen, Enter your RMN and then click on the Login button.
- Select the Beneficiary Page.
- Enter the bank account details in selecting the button + at the bottom or choose from the list of previously used bank accounts.
- Verify the details and enter the amount that you would like to transfer.
- Enter the Transaction Password.
- Tap on "Fund Transfer".
- Your transaction will be successful with the messaging confirmation by Aeronpay wallet. Your amount is successfully debited from your wallet and transferred to the beneficiary account.

Refer to the below-mentioned steps to transfer:
- Log into your AeronPay account and click on the Search page at the bottom.
- Swipe left in the "Financial Services" option.
- Enter the Another wallet RMN.
- Enter the amount that you wish to transfer.
- Enter your Transaction Password.
- Enter Remark (Optional)
- Click the "Submit" button to complete the transfer.

Wallet to Wallet transfer services is available only for KYC Users. If you are already a KYC User and are unable to use the wallet to wallet transfer services, please drop a mail us at, we will check this for you.

There are NO charges levied on the Wallet to Wallet transfer service.

This could happen due to many reasons as listed below:
- Your add money limit has been reached.
- Connectivity issue with your Internet service provider.
- Delay in receiving authorization from the Issuing Bank.
- Insufficient funds in your bank/card account or have not been activated for online payments.
- Connectivity issue between Bank and the Payment Gateway.

Wallet to Bank transfer services is available only for Maximum KYC Users. If you are already a Maximum KYC user and are unable to use the wallet to bank transfer services, please note, this could happen due to many reasons as listed below:
- Your Transfer limit has been reached.
- Connectivity issue with your Internet service provider.
- Insufficient funds in the wallet.
- Connectivity issue from issuer Bank or beneficiary bank.

Minimum KYC is Mandatory for new users who registered with Aeronpay. It is the main process to do the First transaction in Aeronpay. you have to upload your officially valid government documents like your Driving License, Voter ID, PAN Card (anyone). After that, you get the wallet limit of 10,000 in a month.
Follow these steps to do "Minimum KYC".
-Select the upper left corner of navigation bar.
-Click on Upload KYC button.
-Fill in the details of your officially valid government documents.
-Select the "VERIFY NOW" button.
You will get the wallet Limit of Rs 10000 Per Month.

Maximum KYC is Mandatory for those users who need to do transactions of more than 10,000 in Aeronpay. Here you need to verify your details through your "Aadhaar Card". After your "Maximum KYC" you get a 1,00,000 limit in your Aeronpay wallet in a month.
Follow the mentioned step to do "Maximum KYC".
- Select the left upper corner navigation bar.
- Select the Upload Max KYC button.
- Here you need to upload the Aadhar XML File.
- If you have Aadhaar XML File then select YES or, if you didn't have an Aadhaar XML File then select NO.
- After selecting YES you have to upload an XML file there.
- After Selecting NO, a new page opens just next, after this, you need to enter your Aadhaar Number(UID).
- Enter Security Code. (Which are showing in the picture)
- Select the Option SEND OTP.
- Enter OTP.
- Enter Share Code. (Eg: 1234)
- Select Proceed button.
- Enter your Share code.
You will get the wallet Limit of Rs. 200000 Per Month.

In case of a failure, Funds will be credited back to your Aeronpay Account.

Login to your AeronPay Mobile App. Enter the needed section.
For Prepaid recharge, simply enter your prepaid mobile number, select the operator and select the recharge plan and authorize the payment.
For Postpaid bill payment, simply enter your postpaid mobile number, select the operator, enter the amount and authorize the payment.

We understand your concern and would like to assure you that your money is safe. Your recharge could fail due to multiple reasons:
- There was a delay in responding from the mobile network operator's end.
- The prepaid recharge plan selected by you is currently not available.
- There might be a connectivity issue due to which the recharge transaction processing could not get completed.

You can pay Airtel Landline, BSNL Landline, MTNL Delhi/Mumbai bills on Aeronpay. Please visit the ‘Landline’ section on our Aeronpay app, Select the operator, simply enter your Landline number, Fetch the bill, enter the amount and authorize the payment.

Recharge failure may occur due to an issue at the end of the operator. We request you to try again after some time. If your number is ported, select the correct operator and circle manually.

Please check, that you have entered the details correctly?
Payment failure could be due to an issue at the operator's end. We suggest you retry after some time.

We are sorry to hear this but the recharge request has been successfully processed by the Operator and we do not have any control once the request is processed. We request you should reach to the Operator along with Operator Reference Number(ORN) and request them to reverse the amount. You can get the ORN from the from"History" (at the bottom) -----> "Recharge History". To avoid these instances we request you to cross-check the details before completing any transaction.